​​                             ​         Ministries of Elevate Love

W. O. W. - Women’s Ministry
W.O.W. is a ministry for ladies ages 21 and older. This ministry is designed to help support, strengthen, and teach women how to lead Godly lives and fulfill their God given purpose.
Women of Word - Bible Studies
Women of War - Intercessory Prayer Group
Women of Wisdom - Mentorship Program
Women overcome World - Women helping the community

Harmony –Marriage Ministry
Our marriage ministry designed to help couples keep their marriages vibrant and alive by keeping God at the head of their marriage. Harmony meets monthly and will include dinner for couples, bible study, time of fellowship, and fun and games for couples!

Children’s Ministry (0 – 12)
Ministry designed to teach children the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to foster spiritual growth in children in a fun and entertaining environment.

Taking It to the Streets - Community Outreach

Ministry designed to reach out to the community in order to meet needs. Church members take their love for the lost into the community and allow them to see changed hearts in action. 

Men of Valor - Men’s Ministry
Men of Valor is a ministry designed through teaching, mentorship and fellowship to assist men to live a spiritually mature and disciplined life despite their past failures. This ministry will help lead men and encourage them to fulfill their God ordained purpose.

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